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The following are current news stories at the several recommended sites on your Current Events Article Review assignment.  These may or may not apply to the current unit being studied in class, but will serve as a good base point.  Be aware that only the top five news stories from each source are displayed – many more things are currently happening in the world right now!

New York Times

The Guardian

  • Key moments from the Trump-Putin press conference - video July 16, 2018
    Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin answered questions in Helsinki on Monday. Trump refused to back the FBI on its findings into Russia's interference in the US presidential election. Trump declared the US and Russia's relationship to be strong, while Putin dodged questions on rumoured intelligence he held on Trump, and gave him a commemorative footbal […]
  • Trump-Putin meeting reactions: 'Russia is not our ally', says Paul Ryan – live July 16, 2018
    US president’s press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki draws condemnation in the US. Follow live updates 6.50pm BST House speaker Paul Ryan, a Republican, said in a statement that the US must be “focused on holding Russia accountable.” Ryan said: There is no question that Russia interfered in our election and continues attempts to undermine democrac […]
    Amanda Holpuch (now) and Matthew Weaver (earlier)
  • Australian top executive pay up 12% and bonuses up 18%, survey finds July 16, 2018
    Investors group says decision to pay large bonuses ‘tone deaf’ when overall wages stagnatingWhile most Australians are experiencing stagnating wages, chief executives are doing better than ever, with pay up 12.4% for those running ASX 100 companies, to the highest level ever. Related: Quiz: how much does a CEO earn? And what do you think they should get? Con […]
    Anne Davies
  • Model was stabbed to death by less successful rival, court hears July 16, 2018
    Prosecutor says Harry Uzoka, 25, died outside his London home after row on social mediaA model who worked for top brands including Zara and Mercedes was stabbed through the heart after a row on Instagram with a fellow model over a woman, a jury has heard.Harry Uzoka, 25, died after a two-minute confrontation with George Koh, 24, collapsing on the pavement ou […]
    Vikram Dodd Crime correspondent
  • Trump 'treasonous' after siding with Putin on election meddling July 16, 2018
    US president under fire after backing Kremlin at joint press conference with Russian leaderDonald Trump was condemned as “treasonous” for siding with the Kremlin over his own government agencies on Monday after a stunning joint appearance with Vladimir Putin in which he seemingly accepted the Russian leader’s denial of election meddling.At a joint press conf […]
    David Smith in Helsinki

National Public Radio

Al Jazeera

The Atlantic

The Economist

  • The welfare state needs updating July 12, 2018
    IN JUNE 1941 William Beveridge left the office of Arthur Greenwood, a British cabinet minister, with tears in his eyes. A well-known academic and civil servant, Beveridge had sought a big job in the war effort. The 62-year-old was brilliant, but also obsessive, vainglorious and prim. To sideline him, Greenwood proposed what seemed a thankless task: reviewing […]
  • How Iraq was deprived of its weapons of mass destruction July 5, 2018
    ROLF EKEUS, a Swedish diplomat, once personified the most sustained effort ever undertaken to deprive a country of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). He was the leading figure in a programme to enforce peace terms on Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s dictator, in 1991, forcing him to renounce nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and long-range rockets. His United N […]
  • North Korea presents nuclear disarmament’s biggest challenge yet July 5, 2018
    SIEGFRIED HECKER, a professor who used to run America’s nuclear laboratory at Los Alamos, recalls the most recent of the seven trips he has made to North Korea, in 2010. His hosts were showing off their sprawling Yongbyon atomic-energy complex. With a blend of shyness and defiance, they displayed an astonishing spectacle: a hall with 2,000 brand-new centrifu […]
  • Hospitals are learning from industry how to cut medical errors June 28, 2018
    AFTER a brain aneurysm in 2004, Mary McClinton was admitted to Virginia Mason Medical Centre in Seattle. Preparing for an x-ray, the 69-year-old was injected not, as she should have been, with a dye that highlights blood vessels, but with chlorhexidine, an antiseptic. Both are colourless liquids. The dye is harmless; the antiseptic proved lethal. After kidne […]
  • Award June 28, 2018
    On June 20th, at the Medical Journalists’ Association annual awards for health-care journalism, John McDermott, our global public-policy editor, and Natasha Loder, our health-care correspondent, both won prizes—for writing about trauma medicine and cancer, respectively.

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