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The following are current news stories at the several recommended sites on your Current Events Article Review assignment.  These may or may not apply to the current unit being studied in class, but will serve as a good base point.  Be aware that only the top five news stories from each source are displayed – many more things are currently happening in the world right now!

New York Times

The Guardian

  • Brazil elections 2022 live: voting closes in world’s fourth-largest democracy October 2, 2022
    Latest updates: polls suggest overall majority for Lula‘We want no more hatred’: leftwing ex-president Lula on verge of comebackLive results trackerA Lula victory would represent the latest in a series of triumphs for a resurgent Latin American left, following the election of leftist leaders in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Chile.“I’m going to win these e […]
    Helen Sullivan
  • Australia news live: Syria rescue mission labelled ‘very concerning’, home values fall a fifth consecutive month October 2, 2022
    Property prices have fallen in all capitals except Darwin, with Sydney seeing the steepest drop of 1.8% in September. Follow the day’s news liveOptus not forthcoming on breach, Tanya Plibersek saysA federal minister has slammed Optus for not being forthcoming with either customers or the government more than a week on from the cyber attack, AAP reports.One o […]
    Natasha May
  • Property prices dropped further in September and falls ‘could accelerate’ again with rate rise October 2, 2022
    Investors and banks predict RBA will raise cash rate further on Tuesday, while rent increases begin to slow around AustraliaFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our free news app, morning email briefing or daily news podcastAustralia’s property prices fell another 1.4% in September as the cost of borrowing increased, and another inte […]
    Peter Hannam
  • Brazil election 2022: live results from the presidential race October 2, 2022
    Jair Bolsonaro is standing for a second term against former president Lula. Find out how votes are coming in across BrazilLatest analysis and reactionBrazil’s president is elected directly by the 156 million voters; there is no electoral college and no role for the legislature. A candidate needs more than 50% of the vote to be elected. If this does not happe […]
    Seán Clarke
  • Unions brand bid to exempt firms with up 500 staff from new rules ‘reckless’ October 2, 2022
    Government says change would apply to all new regulations and it would look to raise in threshold in futureMinisters are seeking to exempt firms with up to 500 staff from new regulations, with unions warning that they could soon be spared from reporting on gender pay gaps and executive pay ratios in a “cynical and reckless” move.Liz Truss announced on Sunday […]
    Rowena Mason Whitehall editor

National Public Radio

Al Jazeera

The Atlantic

The Economist

  • The war in Ukraine is spurring transatlantic co-operation in tech May 12, 2022
    A COMMAND CENTRE to scan the digital realm for global disinformation campaigns. Standardised plugs for electric cars that will work both in America and in the European Union (EU) and so lower the cost of building the infrastructure needed to decarbonise. A transatlantic team to scout for attempts by China and others to manipulate global technical standards i […]
  • How the war in Ukraine is changing Europe’s demography April 28, 2022
    BEFORE VLADIMIR PUTIN invaded Ukraine on February 24th, many Europeans fretted that their region was getting older and that more people were dying than being born. Europe’s median age of 43 is nearly four years older than that of North America, the next-greyest region. The population of the European Union is expected to peak at just shy of 450m within the ne […]
  • Lawsuits aimed at greenhouse-gas emissions are a growing trend April 21, 2022
    I N AUGUST 2018 ClientEarth, an environmental organisation based in London, paid €20 ($23) for ten shares in Enea, a power company based in Poland. The transaction bought the lawyers at Client Earth a tiny stake in Ostroleka C, a one-gigawatt coal-fired power station Enea was about to build 120km north of Warsaw. It also bought them the standing they needed […]
  • Why so much of the world won’t stand up to Russia April 12, 2022
    WHEN THE leaders of the world’s two biggest democracies held a virtual meeting on April 11th, Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister (no. 1) approvingly quoted President Joe Biden (no. 2) back to himself: “Democracies can deliver,” Mr Modi declared. But when it came to the war in Ukraine, just what it was that democracies should be delivering went unspecified […]
  • The invasion of Ukraine is not the first social media war, but it is the most viral March 30, 2022
    YOU HAVE probably seen the videos from Ukraine. There is the one where Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, stands outside Kyiv’s government quarter in dim light, holding his smartphone with the camera pointed selfie-style at himself and several senior officials. “We are all here,” he declares, days after Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, sent his tank […]

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