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The following are current news stories at the several recommended sites on your Current Events Article Review assignment.  These may or may not apply to the current unit being studied in class, but will serve as a good base point.  Be aware that only the top five news stories from each source are displayed – many more things are currently happening in the world right now!

New York Times

The Guardian

  • Peter Dutton under pressure after inquiry finding that he misled parliament – politics live September 19, 2018
    The Greens and Labor plan to move a no confidence motion against the minister. All the day’s events, live 12.52am BST The strawberry laws are being introduced to the House. After Scott Morrison implored people to make a pavlova and top it with strawberries, and Scott Buchholz took around strawberries and yoghurt (strangely, the Guardian office was missed in […]
    Amy Remeikis
  • Cecilia Haddad murder: former Brazilian boyfriend confessed to killing, court hears September 19, 2018
    Mario Marcelo Santoro appears in court in Rio de Janeiro over the death of 38-year-old, whose body was found in Sydney’s Lane Cover RiverThe suspected killer of Cecilia Haddad has appeared in court for a pretrial hearing in Rio de Janeiro, where an investigator testified that the accused had confessed during informal talks with police while in custody.Mario […]
    Anna Jean Kaiser in Rio de Janeiro
  • Danske bank chief resigns over €200bn money-laundering scandal September 19, 2018
    Thomas Borgen admits most of £180bn that passed through Estonian branch was fraudulentThe boss of Denmark’s biggest bank has resigned after admitting that the vast majority of €200bn (£178bn) flowing through its Estonian branch was money-laundered cash flowing illegally out of Russia, the UK and the British Virgin Islands.“It is clear that Danske Bank has fa […]
    Rupert Neate Wealth correspondent
  • English Heritage seeks Stonehenge holiday snaps for digital album September 19, 2018
    Charity shows ‘then and now’ visitors’ photos to celebrate 100 years after Wiltshire’s pre-historic site passed to nationEnglish Heritage is encouraging visitors to share their holiday snaps of trips to Stonehenge – the older the better – to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the monument belonging to the nation.The charity is aiming to create a digital […]
    Steven Morris
  • Republicans refuse to delay Kavanaugh hearing as Trump defends nominee September 19, 2018
    Chuck Grassley maintained the hearing would take place Monday morning after Ford’s lawyers demanded an FBI investigationSenate Republicans are refusing to delay a high-stakes public hearing with supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the professor who accused him of sexual assault, as Donald Trump offered a vigorous defense of his e […]
    Lauren Gambino in Washington

National Public Radio

Al Jazeera

The Atlantic

The Economist

  • California leads subnational efforts to curb climate change September 13, 2018
    SUPPOSE Britain’s prime minister ordered civil servants to make the world’s fifth-biggest economy fully carbon-neutral by 2045, and thereafter to extract more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than it emits. In a sense that is what happened on September 10th, when Governor Jerry Brown of California—whose economy last year overtook Britain’s—inked an execu […]
  • One solution to a congested city is to build a new one September 6, 2018
    SOME cities are so shaped that traffic jams seem inevitable. Manila, in the Philippines, is scrunched between a bay in the west and a lagoon in the east. A car driving through the middle of the city is like a grain of sand seeping slowly past the neck of an hourglass. Dakar, in Senegal, is surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean, forcing suburban com […]
  • People say they hate traffic jams, but are oddly tolerant of them September 6, 2018
    “WHERE would you rather be?” asks a bumper sticker on the back of a rickety-looking Toyota Corolla. It is an advertisement for a hotel—and a question that people might well ask themselves. The words on the sticker are so small that they could be read only by a driver a few feet behind the Corolla while both cars were motionless. In Lagos, Nigeria’s biggest c […]
  • Loneliness is a serious public-health problem August 30, 2018
    LONDON, says Tony Dennis, a 62-year-old security guard, is a city of “sociable loners”. Residents want to get to know each other but have few ways to do so. Tonight, however, is different. Mr Dennis and a few dozen other locals are jousting at a monthly quiz put on by the Cares Family, a charity dedicated to curbing loneliness. The competitors are a delibera […]
  • Air-conditioners do great good, but at a high environmental cost August 23, 2018
    “AIR-CONDITIONING cannot be a grand success in the [American] South for the reason that the honest natives of the region recognise the natural summer heat as a welcome ally, in that it makes the inside of houses and offices agreeably uninviting.” In the annals of mistaken predictions, this one—made in 1935 by Clarence Cason, author of “90° in the Shade”—meri […]

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