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The following are current news stories at the several recommended sites on your Current Events Article Review assignment.  These may or may not apply to the current unit being studied in class, but will serve as a good base point.  Be aware that only the top five news stories from each source are displayed – many more things are currently happening in the world right now!

New York Times

The Guardian

  • French private sector growth accelerates despite slowdown fears - business live April 23, 2018
    All the day’s economic and financial news, including a new healthcheck on European companiesBreaking: French companies report faster growth this monthFrench PMI up to 56.9, from 56.3 in March, Service sector strong, but factory growth did slowThe agenda: It’s eurozone PMI day 8.14am BST Newsflash: Growth across France’s private sector has picked up this mont […]
    Graeme Wearden
  • World’s newest great ape threatened by Chinese dam April 23, 2018
    The discovery of a new great ape species – the Tapanuli orangutan – has not stopped a Chinese state-run hydropower company from clearing forest for a planned dam. Conservationists fear this will be the beginning of the end for a species only known for six months. Last November scientists made a jaw-dropping announcement: they’d discovered a new great ape hid […]
    Jeremy Hance
  • Man who sent bullet to Barnaby Joyce's office given suspended prison sentence April 23, 2018
    Neville Clifford Newman, who sent bullet during New England byelection, fined $2,000A man has been fined but spared immediate jail after sending a bullet to the office of the former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce during the 2017 New England byelection.Neville Clifford Newman, 74, previously pleaded guilty to one count of using a carriage service to mena […]
    Australian Associated Press
  • Shania Twain apologises for saying she would have voted for Trump April 23, 2018
    Canadian singer says she made ‘awkward’ comment in Guardian interview and regrets not adding more context Canadian singer Shania Twain has apologised for an “awkward” remark quoted in a Guardian interview, in which she said she would have voted for Trump if she could have.On Twitter on Sunday, she said the question caught her off guard and she regrets her an […]
    Steph Harmon
  • Government knew for years that Windrush generation hurt by 'hostile environment' April 23, 2018
    Home Office letter dated May 2016 shows ministers knew of immigration policy’s impactsA letter from a Home Office minister dated May 2016 and obtained by the Guardian shows that the government has known for years about the impact of its “hostile environment” policy on the Windrush generation.As the government struggles to contain mounting pressure on both Th […]
    Anne Perkins and Amelia Gentleman

National Public Radio

Al Jazeera

The Atlantic

The Economist

  • Refugees need not be a burden, if they are allowed to work April 19, 2018
    TWO years ago, a group of elders in this village in north-western Uganda agreed to lend their land to refugees from South Sudan. About 120,000 are now in the surrounding area. Here they live in tarpaulin shelters and mud-brick huts on a patch of scrub where cows once grazed. Kemis Butele, a gravel-voiced Ugandan elder, explains that hosting refugees is a way […]
  • European countries should make it easier for refugees to work April 19, 2018
    German lessons MOUHANAD SALHA would like nothing better than to work. But since arriving in the Netherlands in late 2014, he has managed to do so for just one week. Like more than 80% of Syrian refugees in Europe, he is unemployed. He was studying information technology when he fled Syria in 2012, and worked as an apprentice electrician in Lebanon, where “yo […]
  • Why undertakers are worried April 12, 2018
    EVERY minute more than 100 people die. Most of these deaths bring not just grief to some, but also profit to others. America’s 2.7m-odd deaths a year underpin an industry worth $16bn in 2017, encompassing over 19,000 funeral homes and over 120,000 employees. In France the sector is worth an estimated €2.5bn ($3.1bn). The German market was worth €1.5bn in 201 […]
  • Household smoke may be the world’s deadliest environmental hazard April 5, 2018
    IMAGINE building a small pile of wood and kindling in the smallest room in your house, and setting fire to it. You can keep the door open, to let out some smoke, but cannot switch on an extractor fan. You must tend the fire for an hour. Repeat the process three times a day. This is how Fatou N’Dour lives. Her kitchen, separate from her home and built of mud […]
  • Wood-burning stoves are in fashion but cause serious pollution April 5, 2018
    Toasty toes, wheezing lungs CHRISTMAS 2016 was hygge’s moment in Britain. A crush of books appeared seeking to explain how Danes—for the word is theirs—achieve hygge, which means comfort or convivial ease. An important ingredient, say the books, is a wood fire, around which one is supposed to sit, sipping something warming. British readers ought to have been […]

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