Lecture Presentations

Use the links below to find lecture presentations Ms. Healow uses for notes.  It is highly recommended that, if you are absent for a lecture, you get notes both from the presentation and from a classmate who took detailed notes, as the presentation serves as an outline of what was covered in class.  Notes are required for the three notebook checks per semester, and can also be used on weekly quizzes.

Semester 1

Rome and Religion

Byzantine Empire

The Middle East and Early Islam

Spice Trade

The Crusades

Black Plague

The Renaissance

Printing Press and Protestantism

Early American Civilizations

Age of Exploration

Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution

Semester 2


Industrial Revolution

Western Imperialism in Asia

Mad Scramble for Africa

Causes of WWI (MAIN)

World War I Begins & Ends (two in one!)

Global Great Depression

Origins of World War II

The Holocaust

World War II Ends

Post-WW2 Decolonization

Cold War Hot Spots and Arab-Israeli Conflict (two in one!)

The Green Revolution

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